Will I need to buy lots of new storage?

As part of the session, we will often identify ways to make better use of the storage you already have so would recommend you don’t buy anything new ahead of a session.

What happens to the things I want to dispose of?

I am happy to take goods to a local charity shop free of charge and will obtain your written authorisation for this and provide a delivery receipt, where requested.  For some Charity shops, I am also able to arrange Gift Aid declaration which will reduce your tax bill and will take into account any Charity … Read more

Do I need to be at home during the decluttering/organising?

My aim is to help you understand the reasons behind the disorganisation, so it is important that you are present for key parts of the process and where decisions are required e.g. which items you wish to keep.   There may be stages of the process where I can continue without your presence, if preferred, and … Read more

Do I need to tidy up before you come?

Absolutely not! I am coming to help you understand what is required so it is best for me to see your home as it normally would be.  However, it is helpful for you to think about the areas of your home which would have the most impact on you. I will help wipe shelves as … Read more

Will my house end up empty?

Not unless a Minimalist home is what you wish to achieve! We will talk about the items you wish to keep and explore reasons why you are holding on to other items. Ultimately, it will always be your decision.

How much do you charge?

Contact today to book a FREE initial call of up to 20 minutes, to get some clarity today. Standard pricing below: £55 per hour and a 3 hour session is usually needed to make good progress for in home sessions.  Zoom sessions start at 30 minutes.  However, we can discuss your specific requirements to ensure … Read more

How long does it take?

I offer a free 20 minute consultation (phone/video call) to discuss your requirements.  The minimum in home session required is usually 3 hours but this will be discussed on our introductory call.  The time required will be dependent on your goals, energy levels and decision making.  Virtual sessions via Zoom start at 30 minutes. Some … Read more

What are the benefits for me?

This varies for each client but include: Saving time: being able to find things when you need them and avoiding duplicate buys. Many clients end up finding items which they thought were lost e.g. sentimental family items or clothing. Paperwork: avoiding late payment charges by paying bills on time and finding ‘lost’ cheques. Saving money: … Read more

What services do you offer?

Contact today to book a FREE initial call of up to 20 minutes, to get some clarity today.  A great way to have some support whilst maintaining Government guidelines and improve your well-being by making your home work better for you. I can help with any aspect of your life where you want to declutter/get organised!  … Read more