Organising and Decluttering

How many things have you got on your ‘to-do list’?

I’ll bet you are too tired and overwhelmed, to tackle your list right now?  So WHEN will you find the time?  The fact is that you don’t know where to start. You can’t tackle the amount of physical clutter in your life or seem to get organised…whatever is holding you back, I can help bring life back into balance.

I can help with any aspect of your life where you want to declutter/get organised!  Some examples include:

  • Clearing a spare room ahead of visitors or new purpose e.g. study/new baby.
  • Making better use of space available e.g. wardrobe refresh or playroom reorganisation.
  • Bereavement of a partner/family member and support to clear belongings.
  • Paperwork/office organisation.
  • Preparation for moving home, downsizing or elderly relatives moving into a residential care home.  I also offer  unpacking in the new property to help you get set up in the best way from the beginning.
  • Loft/Garage clearance and organisation – my record is boxes which have been unopened for 23 years!

To find out more about my organisational services, please read my FAQs.

I offer a free introductory call and am pleased to offer a 20% discount on your first session, regardless of length.



I am pleased to advise that ‘Virtual’ decluttering, organising and coaching sessions are now available so let me help you get through ‘Lockdown with Louise’.  These sessions will be at a 50% discount to my standard fees to recognise the challenging time many clients are experiencing.  A great way to work through the challenges arising with us all being in our homes more, personalised to your needs and completely confidential.

These can be via phone or video call which will be discussed on our initial call – which continues to be free for up to 20 minutes, so get some clarity today.  A great way to have some support whilst maintaining Government guidelines regarding self isolating and improve your wellbeing by making your home work better for you.