You are like an angel from heaven sent to clear our clutter!

You are a total wonder woman! You have really kick started me on living in much more ordered way and I am really enjoying ordering my house. Hugely recommend you to everyone! I’m really loving it. Can’t wait to get through all the ‘stuff’ and sort it. It really feels like a cloud is lifting and I am hugely grateful to you. You were completely awesome. I’m in the process of transforming my house and my stress levels one cupboard at a time.

You have shown me the light! We are sorting the house slowly but surely and I am so excited about the positive changes living in a more ordered way will bring.

Linda McNeill, Chelmsford

Louise is an immaculate professional, a skilled communicator, and full of drive and energy.

Whether you are seeking to define your ultimate goals, make a change of direction in your business or personal life, or simply want to get a deeper understanding of yourself and the way ahead, Louise stands ready to help you achieve all of those goals and more, I thoroughly recommend her to you.

Andrew Podd, Chelmsford

I don’t think we could have done it without Louise’s help.

We had a complicated move from the UK to Cyprus to organise so it was a big mix of decluttering, packing for Cyprus, packing for our “holiday” home in the UK. I don’t think we could have done it without Louise’s help. Only wish she could be in Cyprus for this end of the move!

Andrew Pepper, Chelmsford

The house feels like a new home.

Great service today from Louise who helped me reorganise our small playroom and gave me lots of ideas for better organising throughout the house. Louise is a lovely lady who arrived completely ready for my organising and sorting challenge! I had very happy children tonight who were able to play with more space and with much better access to their toys and I now feel ready to tackle the next room! Thank you Louise!

Helen Gregory, Chelmsford

It’s so easy for us all to ‘reset’.

I just thought I’d let you know I’ve had a massive lockdown clear out / organise and am still making good use of everything you showed me / taught me / organising ideas that you left me with! The playroom often looks like a bombs hit it but it’s still so easy for us all to ‘reset’!

Helen Gregory, Chelmsford

A hint of Marie Kondo and a big dose of Mary Poppins!

Louise is not just someone who clears your rubbish out, although I believe she does a lot of that, she gently guides people to see their space differently, to help them make space and to make life so much calmer and easier to negotiate.

I wish I had known her when we had to clear my Dad’s house a couple of years ago, such a painful process when you are grieving. I would have paid anything to have had her empathic assistance whilst letting go of so many memories attached to things.

She listens to what you are really wanting and calmly gives you hints, tips and advice on how to go about things step by step. Thanks Louise, you’re amazing!

Kellie Jones, Chelmsford

Your clients are going to be very lucky to find such a gem.

Absolutely you were born to do this – congratulations, your clients are going to be very very lucky to find such a gem !!!

Mrs G, Chelmsford