What services do you offer?

Contact today to book a FREE initial call of up to 20 minutes, to get some clarity today.  A great way to have some support whilst maintaining Government guidelines and improve your well-being by making your home work better for you.

I can help with any aspect of your life where you want to declutter/get organised!  Some examples include:

  • Clearing a spare room ahead of visitors or new purpose e.g. study/new baby.
  • Making better use of space available e.g. wardrobe refresh or playroom reorganisation.
  • Bereavement of a partner/family member and support to clear belongings.
  • Paperwork/office organisation.
  • Preparation for moving home, downsizing or elderly relatives moving into a residential care home.  I also offer  unpacking in the new property to help you get set up in the best way from the beginning.
  • Loft/Garage clearance and organisation – my record is boxes which have been unopened for 23 years!

If you have specific requirements that are not included above, please do get in touch as it’s impossible to include all the areas of how I can help you as a professional organiser.

Some clients prefer for me to do this on my own and they simply come in at the end to decide where belongings are going e.g. charity shop, other family members etc.

Other clients appreciate the support of having someone to talk to whilst sorting items without worrying that they will upset other family members.  I abide by the APDO Code of Ethics and take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously.