Below are some examples of the projects that I have worked on. All photos are shared with the client’s permission to help demonstrate the changes made.

Wardrobe Refresh

Helping focus on the things we will wear and feel good in and how best to organise.

Child’s Bedroom

Making the change from a toddler to child’s bedroom. Establishing work areas for school work/art; decluttering ‘baby’ toys and organising.

Family Playroom

Bringing calm to the chaos. Helping declutter and sort toys into categories, providing easier access for the whole family and a room where the door is left firmly open, not shut.


Making it child friendly. Organising by category and ensuring each child can easily access (and tidy away) their own toys, providing clear space to have fun.

Wardrobe organising

Keeping ‘like with like’, organising by category, colour and length.