What are the benefits for me?

This varies for each client but include:

  • Saving time: being able to find things when you need them and avoiding duplicate buys. Many clients end up finding items which they thought were lost e.g. sentimental family items or clothing.
  • Paperwork: avoiding late payment charges by paying bills on time and finding ‘lost’ cheques.
  • Saving money: on avoiding duplicate buys.  If you are selling your property, I can help maximise the price you get for your property and save on removal costs.
  • Feeling comfortable in your home and enjoying having guests in your home/coming to stay.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Greater wellbeing – many clients report they simply feel happier when coming back home rather than that sinking feeling as you open the door…
  • More time for the things in life which bring you joy rather than struggling with your clutter!