What makes you better than simply reading a self-help book?

Self-help books definitely have their place and I have quite a few on my bookshelf and often find at my client’s homes. However, sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track with implementing the changes required or being able to apply them to your life.  This is where I can help by helping you … Read more

What sort of person uses your services?

Life Coaching really can benefit anyone!  We all have challenges in our life and they really are as unique as you.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs, whether it be confidence, decision making, motivation or a specific skill.  My clients range from 18-80 years. Some clients meet me in person and others via … Read more

How many sessions will I need and how much do you charge?

Contact today to book a FREE initial call of up to 20 minutes, so get some clarity today. Standard pricing below : This is a hard question to answer as it really depends on what changes you need support with and is different for every client. I offer a free 20 minute consultation (phone/video call) … Read more

What happens during a session and where does it take place?

Contact today to book a FREE initial call of up to 20 minutes, to get some clarity today. A session will usually last 60 minutes, at a venue agreed with you but can be as short as 30 minutes via Zoom for progress reviews. We will discuss what areas of your life you are unhappy … Read more

What is Coaching?

As a life coach, I can help empower you to achieve your goals – nowadays life coaches are as popular and accessible as personal trainers. This could be becoming happy and fulfilled at home or changing your job, but the list really is endless. Everything we discuss is kept completely confidential. So why should you … Read more