What happens during a session and where does it take place?

Contact today to book a FREE initial call of up to 20 minutes, to get some clarity today.

A session will usually last 60 minutes, at a venue agreed with you but can be as short as 30 minutes via Zoom for progress reviews.

We will discuss what areas of your life you are unhappy with and where you would like your life to be. We will work together to help you make positive changes in your life and agree the actions needed. I won’t force you to make any decisions you are not comfortable with and all sessions are totally confidential, which allows you to really explore your true thoughts and feelings, without any judgement.

I conduct sessions over the phone, face to face (within 45 minutes of Chelmsford*) and via video call – whatever works best for you! Some clients prefer to have sessions in their home, others prefer to go somewhere separate from their normal life.

For some people, this is as simple as meeting in a café/park or combining with taking the dog for a walk. A lot of clients find that being outdoors can help them think clearer and also enjoy having company as many do not feel comfortable walking on their own.

*  Face to face sessions further than 45 minutes from Chelmsford are only available by request and will incur an additional mileage charge of 45p per mile.